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what is CoParenting? 

The principle of coparenting states that a child always has the right to maintain a stable relationship and contact with both parents, even if they are separated or divorced, unless there is a recognized need to separate him/her from one or both parents.

This right is based on the premise that parents are committed to the best interest of their children - not necessarily that of the other parent. A commitment to the best interest of the children may never be threatened by the paren...
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How to calculate maintenance?
Loaded on 2014-10-30
In order to claim for maintenance, you must first determine the reasonable needs of the child on a monthly basis. There is no hard and fast rule, but generally the child's share of the common expenses in the household is determined by allocating one-part per child and t...
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During Divorce

5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce
Loaded on 2014-11-25
Going through a divorce is an overwhelming experience. If you are going through divorce or have gone through it, I am sure you will agree that the initial sensation is of being flooded by emotions, things to handle and tough, very tough decisions to make. Here are five ...
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Ex spreading lies about you after divorce?
Loaded on 2014-12-19
It is a known fact that no two people get divorced simultaneously, as far as their mindset is concerned. This will almost always create animosity post divorce. Stories, often lies, are spread about the other parent (and even about extended family) to friends and family ...
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Good Enough Parenting

Separation Anxiety as a Single Parent
Loaded on 2014-11-25
Separation anxiety isn't just something kids feel. Parents experience it, too! And how you deal with your own emotions as you part -- whether it's for a weekend visit or at the entrance to day care -- will greatly influence how your children feel, act, and adjust....
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Parenting Stories
Separation and divorce usually equal turbulence. Challenges regarding parenting and CoParenting during this time can often seem overwhelming. In times like these, it’s good to know you’re not alone and that other CoParents and experts are here to help you by sharing their ideas and experience.
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Don't just parent your kids, develop them.


Parental Alienation explains a child’s estrangement from one parent or allegations of abuse at the hands of one parent by blaming the other. More here.


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