What is Co-parenting?

When two parents divorce or separate, the parents divorce each other – the children will never, and can never divorce either parent. The original nuclear family structure (parents and children in one home), then moves into two homes. The emotional and physical well-being of each member of the family system impacts on the total family system. It is therefore important to assist every member of the family. Post divorce or separation, the system of co-parenting is then implemented to support the children (and parents). Children need consistency and stability while moving between the two homes. Divorce is not a war, it is a correction... Learn more

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Mediation Services

Mediation offers a safe and neutral environment where disputes between parents can be resolved without spending loads of time and money. The following disputes are mediated: Divorce, parenting plans, blended family issues and general disagreements between parents. Fee: R500 per 90 minute session.
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Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child after separation or divorce.  A parenting plan is created with input from both parents in the best interest of their children and can be made a court order. The cost of a Parenting Plan normally varies between R1000 to R5000.
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Additional services

Our services are offered in English and Afrikaans throughout South Africa with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, George, Port Elizabeth and online support services country wide.
  • Divorce Coaching (Free service)
  • Mediated Divorces
  • Co-parenting/Blended Family Coaching
  • Parent Workshops
  • Parent School Talks

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Helping Your Child Survive a Difficult Divorce

2016-05-22 | If you think you aren't hurting your child when you rag about their other parent, you are in denial. Keep a check on how you deny your inappropriate behavior. Denial distorts reality by seeing all the wrong your ex does, while telling yourself that your behavior is impeccable. You may minimize and ignore the damage that your actions cause your child.

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What is divorce mediation?

2015-07-09 | Divorce mediation is an out-of-court dispute-resolution tool that helps people settle their differences sensibly and with the legal system having only minimal involvement. It provides a structured process that minimizes the defensiveness and friction that are normally present during spousal settlement conversations. It does this by creating a non-confrontational atmosphere that encourages the spouses to put their best foot forward when they are presenting their thoughts and concerns to one another.

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Parent Workshops | Divorce Training

2016-05-13 | Our workshops are presented nationwide by experienced and accredited CoParenting Mediators and Social Workers in English and Afrikaans. The parenting workshops have been developed over the past ten years with input from mediators, social workers, psychologists, attorneys and most of all, parents. We customize each workshop based on information supplied by parents/professionals when booking seats.

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The Ugly Truth About Being a Single Parent

2016-05-29 | Becoming a single parent (I have been my childrens primary caregiver for 6 years now) is akin to taking on the role of a CEO with no deputy, one for which there is no brief, no guidelines, no rules. We go in blind, unaware of the sheer exhaustion, planning and logistics that it will entail. Survival and nurturing instincts takes over, with little regard for the physical and emotional effects on you as a parent. Our children come first, right?

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Parental alienation

2016-05-18 | The reality is and always will be that every child is 50% mom and 50% dad - this cannot change. What can change is when, and it always happens, the child starts asking why one parent lied about the other parent. Parental alienation damages our children and ends the relationship between the alienator and the child.

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Divorce Mediation

You do not have to spend thousands and battle in court for years to get divorced or separated. Divorce mediation is a family focussed way to get divorced. It is private (not in a public court), focussed on you and your children, includes a parenting plan and costs a fraction of the legal option.
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"The CoParenting Case Manager is extremely friendly and willing to listen and offer assistance in any way possible. All communication he has assisted with has also been extremely professional"
- Port Elizabeth

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CoParenting SA is focused on Mediation, Education and Support. Divorce is a solution to a problem and if you understand why and have the correct information, your divorce will not cost you thousands and it will truly be the solution to a broken relationship.
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Parent Stories

The challenge to implement the Children's Act unfortunately creates many challenges for parents and children. Please share you experiences with us. Do not mention any names of family members. Your information is posted 100% anonymously.

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The CoParenting South Africa Divorce Library is a collection of more than 263 accurate and up-to-date articles regarding all aspects of divorce or separation, co-parenting, divorce laws, blended families, parental alienation, managing an unresponsive ex and general good parenting.
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